Product Job’s effect on my personal life


There’s no space for denial in product management. You get feedbacks from all over the teams, fellow PMs, designers, engineers, CPOs, etc. It’s your job to listen what every other person has to say. And most of the times it’s constructive feedback if you think about it. It can only make you better if you know what needs to be changed. I have been in denial about certain habits I had in my life and my loved ones always tried to tell me to do the right thing. Now that I can take feedbacks pretty well, I have realised how important it is to listen to others who are involved and invested in you (friends & family).

Every Hour Matters

There’s no doubt that Product management is a fast paced role, you have to be on your toes. Get things done, prepare for up coming meetings, make road map, make sure everybody is aware about their tasks, and what not! You know what is the most frustrating thing, yet crucial? Feeling like the day was not productive at all. As a PM its important to feel productive, and that is possible by managing your time. This is no different from our personal life.

Invest in Better Products

A good product is not only better in quality but it lasts longer. Be it a belt, shoes, bed, laptop, a service, an app, a TV show subscription. As a product person you realise so much about a product and it takes for it to stand out. I see so many products out in the market which are lame and I use to be a consumer of most. Now I don't mind spending extra on a better product. It goes without saying, everybody should start making better purchase decisions and see it as an investment.

Respect for MAANG and Others

I recently started reading about Products that made it in the market and I was surprised to read about success stories. Every PM has a dream to take their product to the top. And to do it a level like MAANG did is phenomenal. Everybody is copying what they did already. They take the first step and others simply follow. Be it a design, architecture, product feature, marketing, they are big and I recently realised how big exactly.

Able to Recognise a Great Design

Lastly, I am going to admit that a couple years ago a great design would have gone right pass me and I wouldn’t have noticed it. Ideally, that's what a great design is supposed to be, go unnoticed. But now I’m able to recognise and appreciate amazing designs, apps, websiteand ofcourse, products. Cred is one example of such designs, it’s bold move of using black amazed a lot of the other designers. Black is a hard personality to crack in design. You understand different components and elements of designs in the product and websites. There are so many amazing UI designers out there who are taking the products to a whole another level. Design in tech has never been so exciting and full life, ever.



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